Phone Manager Windows Phone Device Manager Beta

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Phone Manager Windows Phone Device Manager Beta

Windows Phone Device Manager - a program for managing devices on the operating system Windows Phone.With the help of her when you connect your smartphone to your computer, you can synchronize, copy files and more. This utility has all the popular manufacturers of mobile phones, but Windows Phone Device Manager is an unofficial, third-party programs.

The feature set is pretty standard for this kind of utilities.It is possible to view detailed information on your phone and on the drive that it is installed, as well as the battery level and the discharge.The program Windows Phone Device Manager can copy files, send messages directly from your phone through the computer, take screenshots of your phone, install and uninstall applications. Very important is the ability to back up data.

Owners of smartphones on Windows Phone is recommended to download the free Windows Phone Device Manager, because the program works not only with a wired connection, but also Wi-Fi. You can initiate a connection from your computer and your smartphone.
Version: Beta
Localized language: No
Developer: Julien Schapman
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 9,2 Mb
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