The media player iTunes

The media player iTunes

The multimedia processor from the largest creators of the best computer technology, multimedia devices, phones, software ...

ITunes interface looks simple and concise, with surprisingly functional and easy to use.The main and perhaps the most important function is convenient ayTyuns multimedia library (Library), it is clearly present to your attention to music, movies, TV shows, radio, in general, all the user needs and even more, the menu is translated into Russian.

Music is in a convenient manner by the names of albums, artists, genres, composers, and you can easily find a favorite performer in its rich music library.Album covers of each of the musical performers adorn the sleek interface, thanks to this, navigate library convenient and easy to use.

Mediatheque ayTyuns delight a huge selection of radio stations located in the order corresponding to their musical genres.

Starting with version 10, it is integrated into iTunes social network Ping.

Shop iTunes Store makes it easy to buy all kinds of applications for devices from Apple. Your iPad or iPhone will play with new colors fresh applications. Books, podcasts, videos, music and much more will be at a distance of a mouse click.

Movies can be rented or purchased through the iTunes Store.

Synchronization devices Apple (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV), another important feature of iTunes, will take away your music player or phone to move music and fresh applications.

The program is freely circulated by, and download iTunes for Windows, you can not register on our site.
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Apple Inc
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 86,0 Mb
Download iTunes (ayTyuns) in Russian:
  • ITunes Media Player for 32-bit Windows - Download
  • ITunes Media Player for 64-bit Windows - Download