Standard Codecs for Windows 2.7

Standard Codecs for Windows 2.7

It's no secret that the new operating systems increasingly require special software optimized for them. Windows 8 Codecs - this is just a great example of such software.This is a set of codecs specifically released for Windows. The owners of the OS need to download the free Standard Codecs for Windows, to easily view video and listen to music.

Codec Pack Standard Codecs for Windows does not include any software for playing video and audio. File associations also remain intact, so you can enjoy movies and music players that have established themselves.

In order to avoid any conflicts between codecs, the program first removes the codecs installed on your system, and then sets its own. However, it is recommended to remove all the same codecs are already installed before installing the Standard Codecs for Windows and clean the system.

Any codec can be removed from the bag, leaving the rest intact. In the same way you can restore any component of the package without the need to reinstall the remaining components.

After installing the Standard Codecs for Windows is immediately ready for viewing (if any player), the default settings allow you to choose "out of the box", which means that no special skills are not required from the user.
Version: 2.7
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Shark007
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 14,7 Mb
Free Standard Codecs for Windows 2.7