Video player Media Player Classic 1.7.9

Video player Media Player Classic 1.7.9

Media Player Classic - is a player that can be downloaded for free, open source, used on Windows and support the Russian language.The player plays all media formats that are supported by DirectShow plugin. Media Player Classic can work as a DVD-player, without any additional external codecs.

Media Player Classic is quite "light" media player compared to other programs.If you download and install the required ActiveX plugin, you can play and even rewinding Flash Player video. Saves the decoded video stream passing through the filters. Also, Media Player Classic is the ability to play nedokachannyh and "broken" files.

The Media Player Classic supports the command line, subtitles, management systems and uICE WinLirc, capture video from TV-tuner, RealMedia, QuickTime (installed with the appropriate codecs)reproduction 2nd track. Does not support automatic adjustment of brightness, contrast, only works on Windows and requires SSE-instructions. Media Player Classic version on our website translated into Russian.

If you installed the video card with support for Direct3D, Media Player Classic can perform rendering 3D, about the same as the texture rendered in 3D-games, the output is betterthe image when zooming. Download Media Player Classic in Russian on our website, at the link below.
Version: 1.7.9
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Gabest
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 7,5 Mb
Download Media Player Classic (Media Player Classic) Russian version:
  • Video player Media Player Classic 1.7.9 for 32-bit Windows - Download
  • Video player Media Player Classic 1.7.9 for 64-bit Windows - Download