Player JetAudio Basic 8.1.3

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Player JetAudio Basic 8.1.3

If you need a media player audio and video files, try to download free JetAudio Basic (Jet Audio Basic).

Player JetAudio Basic fully supports the most popular formats of today:RM, WAV, MIDI, MP3, WMV, MP3Pro, AVI, OGG and WMA, convert files from one format to another, writes CD, edit tags in MP3 and other formats. Jet Audio also has a feature that allows you to make Internet broadcasting stations.

Download JetAudio Basic and get real multimedia processor - that's what you need!There is an equalizer composed of twenty bands, adding a function of various audio effects and built-in visual plugins. To JetAudio Basic menu was on the need to use language russkok russificator.

Despite the fact that JetAudio Basic is the highest quality playback, it is absolutely free. Poetomyubiteli listen to music can easily download and enjoy the delights of Jet Audio, created especially for you by professional and brilliant programmers.
Version: 8.1.3
Localized language: There crack
Developer: COWON America
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 34,3 Mb
Download JetAudio Basic 8.1.3

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