Codec pack Codec Pack All in 1

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Codec pack Codec Pack All in 1

Codec Pack All in 1 - universal codec pack for all occasions.It includes the necessary codecs that will ensure normal view most common video format, a user can get caught - DivX.The package is good because it is suitable even for users who do not understand the codec and can not install them. Complete a simple installation procedure of the program - ready.

If your computer has previously been installed any codec is best to remove them.If this is not done, there can be problems with compatibility, which are fraught with error and instability. If any codecs on the PC was not available for free Codec Pack All in 1 and install it immediately. After that you can run in any video player and enjoy watching.

As part of the package contains the codecs to view DivX subtitles and different audio tracks encoded by different programs.
Localized language: No
Developer: CodecPack Team
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista
Size: 9,3 Mb
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