Surveillance Cerbeeng 4.0 Beta

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Surveillance Cerbeeng 4.0 Beta

Cerberus - a program designed for remote monitoring of premises. It is enough to place the camera in the right places, and the program can keep track of them.It supports up to 10 cameras simultaneously, which allows you to get the picture from different angles or watch for multiple rooms.The program can be broadcast to a global network of live video. In addition, she is able to take pictures at specified intervals and places them on the site. Supported protocols are HTTP, FTP, intranet. The video from each camera may be broadcast to individual resources.

This approach to security will know at any time what is happening at your home, at work or somewhere else. Settings allow you to select the image compression level, the frequency of snapshots. The user can also remotely access the program via Telnet.

There is nothing easier than to download Cerberus, and the result of the security system will exceed all expectations. The program has only English interface, but it is so simple that language skills are not required.
Version: 4.0 Beta
Localized language: Yes
Developer: aardvark digital
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 2,7 Mb
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