Codec XviD 1.3.2

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Codec XviD 1.3.2

XviD - Library video compression standard MPEG-4, to put it simply, the codec. As its name contains an allusion to DivX - codec, which is proprietary. XviD established as its opposite, because it is open source and is growing rapidly.

Decode video compressed XviD, you can easily to any decoder that is compatible with MPEG-4 ASP.Since compatibility is usually no problem, but it should be borne in mind that to play this video on domestic players that are certified for DivX, some conditions must be met. For example, it should be used only those features that are in the DivX.

However, free download XviD This is the only improved compression algorithm. When properly configured, you can achieve much better quality at the same file size.During compression you can specify a desired file size, codec without problems in a bed, while achieving the best possible video quality.
Version: 1.3.2
Localized language: Yes
Operating system: Windows 7 / XP / Vista
Size: 10,3 Mb
Free XviD 1.3.2