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Currency avi.NET

avi.NET - a program to convert video of various formats to DivX AVI. As input formats supported DVD, MPG, VOB, SVCD.The main feature of this converter is a high-speed conversion. Given the size of some files, it can be a significant advantage that can save a lot of time.

When converting, you can choose the XviD codec or DivX, and adjust the bit rate, select audio track, quality, file size, subtitles.For correct operation of the program in the system must be installed above codecs, as well as the .NET Framework. If you already have installed everything you need, nothing prevents download free avi.NET.

The interface is surprisingly simple, just select the source file and the options you want, and then begin the conversion.If you do not know what settings should be assigned, just leave the default values, they will provide the best quality and size. You can view the resulting video to assess whether it satisfied the quality was not allowed any mistakes in the selection of audio tracks, etc.

This converter is indispensable for the owners of domestic players, who have only a small number of decoders and are able to play a few formats.
Localized language: Yes
Developer: clone.AD
Operating system: Windows 7 / XP / Vista
Size: 9,6 Mb
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