Codecs Win7codecs 4.1.0

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Codecs Win7codecs 4.1.0

Win7codecs - it is absolutely complete collection of codecs for Windows 7 a good job.

The program Win7codecs present automatic installation, which will remove all obsolete codecs from your computer and replaced with newer ones.When installing you do not have to make any changes to the settings of your media programs, they will be very quick to recognize and easy to play all media files.

In this assembly does not include a single player. With these codecs can be used by any program that works with media files, as well as opportunity to watch any video.

Win7codecs Any user can choose what and where to put. After installation, you can remove some unwanted portions without removing the entire assembly. You can also re-add any desired item at any time.

Package Win7codecs codecs supports 18 localizations.The language that is initially - English, but the installer supports the following languages:Chinese, Czech, Japanese, Finnish, Danish, German, Polish, French, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Norwegian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish and Turkish. Any language can be added on request.

Download Win7codecs on our website at the link below. For 64-bit Windows after installing the basic package you need to install Win7codecs x64 Components.
Version: 4.1.0
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Shark007
Operating system: Windows 7
Size: 28,0 Mb
Download free codecs Win7codecs 4.1.0

Free additions Win7codecs x64 Components for 64-bit Windows:
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