The media player MPlayer 2013-04-14 Build 115

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The media player MPlayer 2013-04-14 Build 115

MPlayer - media player with built-in an impressive array of codecs. It is open source and can be run on virtually every conceivable operating systems.Thus, we get a universal cross-platform program, which is "out of the box" capable of playing a variety of formats.

MPlayer Originally designed as a console player, but he has a graphical interface.The program supports a variety of output devices, including exotic, making it even more versatile. There is full support for multiple types of subtitles have Cyrillic fonts. The text is displayed beautifully, with anti-aliasing and shadows.

Despite the huge functionality, this player is one of the fastest for Windows. Support for hot keys makes watching video is very convenient. The software easily reproduces nedokachannye files and does not depend on system codecs.

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Version: 2013-04-14 Build 115
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Mulder
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 37,7 Mb
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