CDrtfe v. + Portable

CDrtfe v. + Portable
CDrtfe - program for burning CD/DVDs, unlike other free programs burner, cdrtfe has a great functionality and a variety of professional settings. With this tool you can record CD/DVD data discs, music CD-audio disks, create VCD, SVCD and DVD-video discs. In addition, there is the ability to remove and record ISO disc images, and save the tracks to CD-audio discs with direct encoding to MP3, OGG or FLAC format.

Provides a simulation mode of entry through which you can reduce the risk of incorrect recording. The program supports saving projects, integration with Windows Explorer and work from the command line.

The main features of Cdrtfe:
• Works with optical discs of CD, DVD, BD.
• Cdrtfe has resorted to a variety of notebook modes Track-At-Once (TAO), Disc-At-Once (DAO).
• Cdrtfe is able to implement multi-session burning.
• The user one click of the mouse can completely erase information on a re-writable CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, BD-RE.
• To lead the control over the optical drives at the same time, the developed technology RSCSI.
• Implementation of integration into Windows Explorer via Shell Extensions.
• Supports the following file formats Joliet, UDF, Rock Ridge, ISO 9660.

Cdrtfe has a specialized program recording modes. Some data is recorded at the expense of free space on the drive, and the creation of XCD (eXtended-CD) discs requires special recording mode, with which you can fit on the drive at 14 percent more information. The creation of XCD (eXtended-CD) mostly for keeping a wide variety of media files video (VCD and SVCD), graphic and sound data.

CDrtfe - is a small burning application for Windows. CDrtfe is a frontend for the cdrtools (cdrecord, mkisofs, readcd, cdda2wav), Mode2CDMaker and VCDImager. It can burn data discs (CD and DVD), Audio CDs, XCDs, (S)VCDs and DVD-Video discs. CDrtfe is a Win32 frontend for some functions of cdrtools. With VCDImager VideoCDs can be created. Furthermore, CDrtfe supports the basic funcions of the Mode2CDMaker which makes it possible to create CDs that can contain about 13% more data as usual.

- The drive selection now shows the drive letter for each drive.
- Holding the Shift key during the start of cdrtfe activates the debug mode.
- Prevent the message: 'Invalid Handle' during disc verification with multiple
retries. Clarify the error message.

Audio CD:
- New option in cdrtfe.ini for a less strict format checking of sound files
(flac only): section [Audio-CD], RelaxedFormatChecking = 1.
This makes it possible to add source files which are not in Audio CD format when
using user-defined commandlines (e.g. with ffmpeg) for audio decoding.

Audio CD: Tracks with identical filenames from different source folders caused
problems because of name collisions of temporary files during conversion into
wav format.
- cdrtfe: A variable was incorrectly initialized, which could prevent the
start of the 'Disc image' project.

Operating system: Windows® ALL (32 / 64bit)
Interface: Multilanguage + Multilingual
Medicine: Not required
Size: 6.2/6.7 Mb

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