Antivirus AVG Antivieng Free 15.0.6081

Antivirus AVG Antivieng Free 15.0.6081

AVG Antivirus Free - protection system for personal computers. Free AVG Antivirus Free on your computer is not difficult. However, despite this, the antivirus AVG Antivirus Free has full protection for your PC, including comparable in functionality with a number of fee-based counterparts.

AVG Antivirus Free includes features such as: continuous monitoring, auto-update via the Internet, check the mailbox. Built-in search Virus Stalker allows to find and eliminate the threat of the operating system and user files.

Among the advantages of the free AVG anti-virus as a quick update of the virus database and the program itself, the ease of use and management, low resource consumption.

As part of the free AVG anti-virus contains the following items:
• Virus scanner;
• Monitor malware;
• Automatic Update;
• E-mail protection;
• Quarantine, through which the user can cure the infected files;
• Application Startup Control.

AVG anti-virus software does not interfere in the work of the user, since it does not slow down the speed of the computer during the scan.In addition, AVG provides protection of personal information or identity protection. Download Free AVG Antivirus Free in Russian from our website and be sure to secure the protection of this great antivirus.
Version: 15.0.6081
Localized language: Yes
Developer: GRISOFT Inc.
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 128,1 Mb
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