Data protection - USB Safeguard 6.0 Free

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Data protection - USB Safeguard 6.0 Free

USB Safeguard - a program to protect data on USB-flash drives. The program requires no installation, it does not need administrator privileges, it is impossible to avoid.It encrypts the data on the drive and sets a password to access them. In addition, the program has a useful feature: it can find your phone number or email address in case the flash drive is lost and someone finds it.

Whenever the flash card is inserted into the computer, for reading or writing information required to enter a password. It not only protects your data from theft, but also protects the flash drive itself from copying her malicious software if the computer appeared to be infected.

USB Safeguard program works very simply. You need to copy it to the root of the stick and run. Then follow the instructions and complete the drive security.This will need to specify the desired password, there can also add your contact information in case of loss of the drive. No difficulties should not arise, even for novice users, and the ability to download USB Safeguard really makes the program interesting.
Version: 6.0 Free
Localized language: No
Developer: USB Safeguard
Operating system: Windows 7 / XP / Vista
Size: 0,1 Mb
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