Firewall Online Armor Free Firewall

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Firewall Online Armor Free Firewall

In order to prevent all kinds of malicious programs to access the Internet, was developed by a free firewall Online Armor Free Firewall.

"Firewall" is translated as "brick wall" - it is like a wall ensures the safety of your computer. Instead download free Online Armor Free Firewall, you can also buy the paid version, but often paid features do not just user.

The basis of firewall technology is a HIPS, which analyzes the behavior of programs that want to access the Internet. Often caught in such a way "Troy" and "keyloggers".Online Armor also examines the program at startup, so might prevent pernicious effect of the virus at an early stage.In addition, applications that want to change your homepage in your browser will no longer be able to crank out its operations without the user's knowledge. And if a person is not sure of the reliability of a program, it can always check it with this free firewall.

Free Online Armor Free Firewall is not difficult and does not require any monetary investment, but will bring great benefit when using the Internet.
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Tall Emu Pty Ltd
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 28,8 Mb
Free Online Armor Free Firewall