Antivirus AVZ Antiviral Toolkit 4.39

Antivirus AVZ Antiviral Toolkit 4.39

Download AVZ can any man who understands the value of this anti-virus utility, which is designed to detect and eliminate AdWare and SpyWare modules, mail and network worms, Trojans, BackDoor modules and many others.

Program on circumstantial evidence heuristically scans the system. The analysis is based on checking the registry and files in the memory. Base secure files constantly updated. It includes a large number of digital signatures, located in the system files.

If you can download free AVZ, then you become the owner of an embedded system detection Rootkit Detector and keyloggers. In addition to the signature analyzer program has neyroemulyator allowing investigate suspicious files using neural network.

The program has AVZ Process Manager is designed for the study of loaded libraries and running processes.Because he has a connection with a base of safe files for the program when it detects viruses, normal files are highlighted.The archive contains 294,598 signatures, 56 programs for the treatment of 388 programs heuristics couple neyroprofiley, 9 programs ICS, 231 firmware to detect and remove problems and much more.
Version: 4.39
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Oleg Zaytsev
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 7,8 Mb
Download AVZ Antiviral Toolkit 4.39