Dr.Web LiveDisk CD / DVD & USB 9.0.0 (DC 19.10.2015)

Dr. Web LiveDisk CD/DVD & USB 9.0.0 (DC 19.10.2015)
Dr. Web LiveDisk free bootable antivirus solution for Linux-based CureIt! to restore the infected Windows system.

The new tool replaces Dr.And Web LiveUSB allows you to create bootable USB. Dr. Web LiveDisk USB antivirus bootable media to restore the operation of Windows, infected by viruses, rootkits or other sophisticated threats.

To protect the system from contamination, which may render your computer inoperable, you must use the constant reliable protection using the effective antivirus software.

However, even modern anti-virus software can miss new and unknown threats. In this case, if Windows is not loaded or disabled to restore the system, you may need a bootable antivirus disk.

Dr. Web LiveDisk is a bootable USB drive with a portable operating system based on Linux OS, built-in anti-virus scanner Dr. Web Curelt! and additional software. Download using LiveDisk allows you to perform antivirus scanning and treatment of computer, to work with the registry and file system, and view web pages on the Internet without entering the Windows

Dr. Web LiveDisk replacing the boot tools Dr.Web LiveCD and Dr. Web LiveUSB, and is available to create a bootable USB flash drive.

The main components of Dr. Web LiveDisk
Scanner Dr.Web Curelt!

Dr. Web Curelt! is intended to conduct anti-virus check of the boot sectors, memory, as well as, individual files, and files to compound objects (archives, email files, installation packages). The test is performed with the use of all methods to detect threats.

Dr. Web Updater
Each day there are many new types of computer threats with more perfect masking techniques. Virus database update ensures protection of your computer up to date and ready for new threats. The update is performed using the special utility Dr. Web Updater.

registry Editor
In case you want to manually make some changes to the registry, use the Dr. Web RegEdit, which is similar to the Windows registry editor.

Auxiliary programs
Graphical file Manager
Console file Manager
Terminal emulator
System date and time
The network configuration program

Release date: 2015
OS: Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8/8.1 32-64 bit
License: free
Language: Multilingual
Size: 609/608,4 Mb

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