Disable Windows 10 Tracking 2.5.1 / Portable /

Disable Windows 10 Tracking 2.5.1 / Portable /
Disable Windows 10 Tracking - An application in Windows 10 allows you to protect your privacy by turning off the available functions of the OS aimed at tracking user activity, and Disable Windows 10Tracking allows, if necessary, return the previously modified with the help of your operating system to a state of "default".

How to use:
• Run as administrator
• Select options
• Click "Get privacy!" or "Revert" if you want to bounce back
• You can see the results of the program in the dialog box
• That's all!

Disable Windows 10 Tracking - It is similar to Destroy Windows 10 Spying tool. Functionality wise, it is the smallest tool but size wise it is the largest. It displays privacy options, all of which focuses on deactivating tracking.

• Right click and press "Run as Administrator"
• Choose any / all of the options you'd like
• Press "Get privacy!" or "Revert" to revert options
• You can read the output in the console dialog to see if it worked.
• That's it!

Whats New:
- Windows 10 default app removal
- Settings - Customize which domains should be blocked. IP blocking settings will come soon.

Operating system: Windows® 10 (32/64-bit)
Interface: English
Medicine: Not required
Size: 6.7 Mb

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