Alaborn iPassword PRO RUS / Portable /

Alaborn iPassword PRO RUS / Portable /
Alaborn iPassword PRO - A simple but powerful password generator, login, numbers and logical expressions for every day. If you need to quickly come up with a strong password for e-mail, online, document or just to generate the number of specified numerical range - this program will come to the rescue.

To use the program will be able to even the most inexperienced user:clicking on one of the menu items and tasks to copy the result (if desired, immediately edit it in the editor) to the clipboard Windows, or save a file in a proprietary format * .PSW for further editing.

Software features:
• OneClick - OneClick feature allows to generate not one but a whole block of the required passwords, for example, for every day you visit sites.
• Numeric generator - the built-in software tools to generate natural numbers allow you to quickly and easily get a random number in the hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, or from a given you a range of numbers.
• Logical generation - the generation of logical expressions:If you find it difficult to choose, or come to some controversial point, you can always toss a virtual coin or directly ask the program "Yes or no?".In addition, with the same version Alaborn iPassword PRO appeared the real magic ball. Let it not true, but it really is very serious and will answer all your questions. Absolutely everything!
• Create logins - Alaborn iPassword PRO is one of the few existing programs that, in addition to the password (numerical data), and also generate the text data - user names (more than 6 characters onLatin, without the use of numbers). Also, we have recently added the feature "easy-generation", which allows you to "mix" the natural numbers and whole words from the dictionary. Try it, it's impressive.The technology of creating the login is the same mathematically complex, as in the generation of passwords, so you can be sure that your username will definitely be unique, or is at least very, very rare.
• Words from the built-in dictionaries - the program Alaborn iPassword PRO is able to generate not only the numbers and individual characters, but also the whole of English words built-in dictionaries.This can be useful for creating meaningful nicknames, usernames and passwords, and for your own specific needs. Try, just try it!

What's new:
Adding the ability to encrypt your text.
* Expanded database of names to create logins.
* Improved Magic Ball.
* Add option to disable all advertising in the project.
* Bug fixes.

Operating system: Windows® 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8.x, 10 (32/64-bit)
Interface: Multilingual
Medicine: Not required
Size: 5.8 Mb

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