CloneApp v.1.07.477 / Portable /

CloneApp v.1.07.477 / Portable /
CloneApp - a very convenient solution for backup settings and profiles of the most popular applications that will help you to quickly recover all of their basic parameters when reinstalling the system or transfer to another PC.

Periodically all users face the need to install / reinstall Windows, and each time it is necessary to install and configure in a new needed to operate the program.This process is related to routine operations and a bit tired, but if a lot of applications, it also takes quite a while.

Especially for these situations and developed CloneApp tool that is able to back up the settings of programs to restore just a single click.The basis of this application already contains more than 200 most popular and frequently used programs (browsers, media players, archiver, office suites, loaders, email clients, graphics editors, and more), and the list is regularly updated.

CloneApp scans the system partition and reserve profiles directories, databases, files, registry entries and other data, which allows then to quickly restore app settings when you reinstall.

CloneApp work with is very simple: to celebrate the desired program in the list (you can also go to the tab "Windows", which contains only the applications that are installed on the PC). Click on "Start CloneApp" and wait for the save.

By the way, it is very convenient that CloneApp is a portable program, and all the profiles are saved in the folder from which you run and the application itself.Placing the instrument on a removable medium, you can restore your settings on any desired PC - to do so CloneApp interface uses a button "Restore".

More advanced users have the opportunity to make backups of settings that can be useful when creating copies of those programs which are not yet in the database: you need to specify the directory for the desired application and the corresponding keys in the registry.

In general, everything is quite simple and convenient: using CloneApp process software and application settings when reinstalling or migrating system will be for you a comfortable and easy procedure that takes a matter of minutes.

CloneApp - is a specialized backup program for Windows that has been created specifically to back up profile folders and Registry configurations of Windows programs.The free program ships with a large list of default applications that it presents to you on start.It makes no distinction and it is up to you to select the programs from the list that you want to back up. Classic programs such as Dropbox, CCleaner, Firefox, Google Chrome or KeePass are supported by the application.

CloneApp highlights what it will back up for each program (files, folders and Registry), and includes information about compatibility and a short description as well. While it does not highlight if a program is installed, it supports an option to select all installed programs that it supports.

What's new:
- Added command-line / CLI support for automation purposes (Switch options can be found in "Get startedt" tab)
- Added new internal Variable $ FirefoxProfile $ to locate the Firefox Profile
- Optimized some internal Variables
- Added support for Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks, System Ninja
- Updated Documentation
- Minor UI Improvements

Operating system: Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8.x, 10 (32/64-bit)
Interface: English
Medicine: Not required
Size1 Mb

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