ImageUSB v.1.2 Build 1006 / Portable /

ImageUSB v.1.2 Build 1006 / Portable /
Imageusb. - A simple program to create and write a USB flash drive simultaneously to several USB flash drives.It is capable of creating accurate copies of bit level (in bin format) USB Flash Drive (UFD flash drives), the ImageUSB program is an extremely effective tool for mass reproduction UFD. The ImageUSB utility also supports an ISO recording byte file to bytes directly to a USB disk.

Unlike other USB duplication tools, ImageUSB can save all unused and weak sites during the cloning process, including the main boot record (MBR). ImageUSB You can perform flawless mass duplication of all USB flash drive images, including boot UFD.

ImageUSB has two modes of operation - creating an image of a USB flash drive, and record data on a flash drive from the image. When creating an image or recording, you can progress, putting checking recorded data.By the way, the program writes images not only flash drives, but in general any external media connected via USB. ImageUSB is very simple, and that is the most convenient - portable.

Now the USB flash drives are increasingly displacing optically CD and DVD media.Their advantages have a lot: small dimensions, convenient use, high reading speed, large size, and most importantly - the ability to quickly overwrite and synchronize information.Therefore, many create USB flash drives on which a set of frequently used programs on different computers, databases, postal databases, favorite links, libraries are placed.To save basic information on a flash drive, you can make backups, backup, and you can proceed easier - create an image of a flash drive with all programs installed on it and the structure. Create a USB flash drive makes a simple ImageUSB program.

• Please make sure that you choose a flash drive with a size similar to the image you want to copy.For example, if the 2 GB image is copied to the 8GB USB Flash drive, then you will have the opportunity to use only two of the eight gigabytes of the storage space. In this case, users must reformat the USB flash drive in order to access the rest of the drive.

Imageusb. - IS A Useful Application Which Lets You Write An Image Simultaneously to Multiple USB Flash Drives.Capable of Creating Exact Bit-Level Copies of USB Flash Drive (UFDS), ImageUSB IS AN EXTREMELY Effective Tool for the Mass Duplication of UFDS.Unlike Oter USB Duplication Tools, ImageUSB CAN PRESERVE ALUSED AND SLACK SPACE DURING THE MASTER BOOT RECORD (MBR). ImageUSB CAN Perform Flawless Mass Duplications of All UFD images, Including Bootable UFDS.

Whats New:
- Addressed Issue Where Extending Partition On Some NTFS Drive Would Fail If The USB Drive (Preimaged) WAS ALREADY PARTITIONED AS MAX SIZED.

Operating system: Windows® XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 8.x, 10 (32/64-bit)
Interface: English
Medicine: Not required
Size: 1.2 Mb

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