Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader
FoxIt Reader - professional program for viewing and printing documents in PDF format, an alternative to the well known program Adobe Reader. Feature is the relatively small size distribution and fast speed, which certainly affects the usability of the overall program. FoxIt Reader does not require long-term installation. Presented product is not picky about software and hardware of the computer and is able to work with all versions of operating systems from Microsoft, including Windows 10. The program possesses all necessary functions for full view PDF files.

If you are tired of what to download PDF-files need a few minutes and documents with graphics scroll through too slowly, look at alternative Adobe Reader, the program Foxit Reader. This program has a very small size distribution, and it excludes all those unnecessary for most users the options that make the program from Adobe, slow and clumsy. All the same main features preserved: page view files, quick transition to the desired page, print documents. Foxit Reader pleasantly surprised by a simple and friendly interface. The program requires no installation, not demanding software and system configuration and can work with almost all versions of Windows.

Program features:
"Selecting and copying text contents PDF document
"Search by document text
"Convenient library for searching and managing PDF files
"Fast speed of printing documents
"Support javascript
"Support for various plug-ins
"And many other possibilities

"small file size for installation
"when you start the program immediately begins to work without loading the company logo, author names, etc.
"can add to an existing PDF document graphic symbols, selected text, printed text and make notes and then print or save the document with these annotations
"the possibility of converting a PDF document into a simple text file
"never connect to the Internet without the user's permission

Changes in Foxit Reader 7.2.2
• Fixed an issue where Foxit Reader could not be set as the default PDF reader in Windows 10.
• Fixed an issue where users could encounter an improper argument error intermittently when trying to open, view, close, or work on a PDF file with Foxit Reader.
• Fixed a handle leak issue to improve the performance and reliability.
• Fixed a security issue where the application could be exposed to Use-After-Free Vulnerability when executing print () or referencing App after closing the document.
• Fixed a security issue where the application could crash unexpectedly due to recursive reference.

Foxit Reader

Graduation Year: 2015
Operating system: Windows® XP / Vista / 7/8
Interface language: English
Medicine: Not required
Size:83,09 Mb

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