Cameyo 3.0.1398 / Portable / + Rus

Cameyo 3.0.1398 / Portable / + Rus
Cameyo designed to create portable versions of programs. The program is already incorporated a large base of popular programs that can be easily packaged entirely in a single executable file.Once the desired application is processed, it will be completely portable, you can move it from one computer to another, and it can be run from the media.After starting Cameyo, the program will scan your computer for installed applications, then you will have to work directly with the utility.

After the display the message about the successful creation of a snapshot of the system, the user needs to perform application installation, designed for virtualization.Cameyo keep track of all changes made to the system and keep a portable copy of the application to the selected media, along with a set of files that are required for stable operation of the program. Virtualized applications can be transferred to an ordinary flash drive and run it on any available PC.

Features of the portable version:
Runs without installation on the computer and registers in the system, is packed into a single file.

- Fast! A significant increase in speed in all areas: faster execution of applications, files, and quick access to the registry, rapid deployment, fast editing package.
- Memory virtualization mode: Virtual applications run directly from memory, without prior extraction disk (Disk Mode, virtualization is still available).
- App files are stored separately from the changes to the application. This makes it possible to optimize the network / cloud data synchronization, and allows you to share a single package for the different user sessions.
- User-friendly terminal server: application / data sharing makes use of virtual applications on terminal servers more efficient, optimized.
- Automatic updates: to realize their own automatic updates for virtual applications.
- New file isolation mode: strictly isolated, hiding a specific area on the host to the virtual application.
- Display License: Displays the license agreement for your users.
- Package Lockdown: to prevent users from editing packages that you published.
- After expiry of the X days: in addition to the existing functions of the date of its expiration.

Cameyo 3.0.1398 / Portable / + Rus

Operating system : Windows® XP SP2, 2003, Vista, 2008, 2012, 7, 8 (32/64 bit)
The requirement : .NET Framework 3.5 or higher
Interface : Multilanguage (No Russian)
Medicine : Not required
Size : 10,31 Mb

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