Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB x64 by Vladios13 & Liveonloan v.14.10 (RUS / 2015)

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB x64 by Vladios13 & Liveonloan v.14.10 (RUS / 2015)
The assembly is based on the original image of Windows 2015 Enterprise 10 LTSB (x64). It has all important and recommended updates at the time of assembly of October 14, 2015.Updates are integrated into the image by regular means. Cut all the services associated with espionage and telemetry. For more information about the assembly, see below.

• The assembly of telemetry, tracking and associated services cut staff by means of an image without using the "Audit".
• Integrated all the latest updates on 14.10.2015 year.
• The assembly is not any sort of "Metro" (Modern) applications.
• No browser EDGE.
• There is no "store".
• Integrated Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.6

• Telemetry and tracking.
• Sortana and its search of the taskbar.
• OneDrive.
• Xbox along with its components and services.
• Send errors and technical support.

- KB3097617
- KB3099406
• KB3087040 (KB3099406 new supersedes the old)
• Updated the alternative starting panel.
• Updated DWS.
• Added instruction in Off Spy folder.
• WIM file is packaged in ESD format to significantly reduce the image size.

This manual is used to correct and additional configuration of the system.

After installation, do the following steps:
1) Go to the folder "Activation", activated the system and reboot.
2) In the folder "Off Spy" -> (1) on behalf of the Administrator and run the Disable tracking nastroyka.bat
Press the number 3, then Enter - is further disable the spy service and configure the system.
Then reboot.
3) In the folder "Off Spy" -> (2) on behalf of the administrator runs DWS_lite.exe include professional mode in "Settings" tab, then disable UAC, then press Destroy Windows 10 Spying.
Then reboot.
4) Go to the folder "Start Menu" set alternate panel "Start" (It runs a search on the system).

1) If you install the assembly disable outbound Microsoft (* This action may not be required)
2) Then apply all the recommendations, which are under spoiler "Instruction (done after the installation of assembly)."
For your privacy will be less experience + get a small speed boost system performance.
Especially for the assembly have been set "Group Policy"
Go to the folder "GroupPolicy" and do everything according to instructions:
1) Look for the file and run gpedit.msc (possible through the "cmd" or "Run")
2) Enter the GP -> Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> All Settings
3) changes from the bulldozer any value to "Enabled" you can, for example, the value change - and press OK
4) Run from the "Administrator" file GroupPolicy.bat
5) In the opened window, click on the number "1", then press enter
6) After working script, reboot the computer.

The value that changed from the bulldozer resets + m properly imported
Check what has changed in the GP can be filtered GP

• Microsoft Cortana - virtual voice assistant malicious spy tracking absolutely everything - is cut together with its servo services, and without them, the search is not working.
Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB x64 by Vladios13 & Liveonloan v.14.10 (RUS / 2015)

• Therefore, I recommend to install the folder "Start menu" alternative launch pad, it runs a search on the system.

On the desktop unpack
• Activation - Activator for Windows and Office
• Game Soft - DirectX 9.0 and Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005-2015
• GroupPolicy - Settings "Group Policy"
• Off Spy - Turn off and lock the services related to tracking and telemetry + an extra system setup.
• Start Menu - Alternative starting panel, it runs a search on the system.
• WALLPAPERS - Wallpapers robochem table.

• Software is not automatically installed, the settings are not applied, all of these folders should be set manually.
• All of these folders can be moved to the desktop in a convenient place for you, or delete if not needed.

A further updates are installed automatically or it can be turned off?
Will be installed manually Update can be disabled via DWS.

Do assembly Net Framework 3.5?
There is.

Updates Install new again all spies arrive?
After installing new updates highly recommend "AGAIN" to perform steps 2 and 3 of the spoiler "Note".

Can I put the assembly on top of the other Winodws (Pro, Home, Enterprise, and others)?
Set on top of the already established system can not be! Put only from scratch (clean).

Not found in the description about the Defender how it fared?
In the assembly, it is, in Windows 10, you can turn off if you apply the file "Disable tracking and nastroyka.bat" + apply specific settings "Group Policy."

Do you plan to build bundled with Windows 10 LTSB x86 (with all licentiousness disabled)?
No, not x86 assembly. It will only support x64, ie the assembly of this bit will be supported by the authors (vladios13 & liveonloan) to date.

Is it possible to install additional language (eg English)?

Keys asked during the installation?
The key is to enter the installation is not required.

I understand about the store "in principle" to forget the standard start-up in this build?
In the assembly, there is no general "Metro" (Modern) applications store also is not - "You can forget."
Standard start-up there, but I recommend to use an alternative, since it works Search + if he is accustomed to working in this 7ke.

Folders included (desktop folder Activation) no. question of where to take it?
Go to the folder sources -> $ oem $ -> $ 1 -> users -> public -> desktop - it will find your folders.
This happened because the place must to ISO and not with WIM or ESD.

Will I be able to work with documents in the cloud without Onedrive?
It is possible, but only through the web interface (Onedrive cut annex).

Can I turn off the firewall and regular supply side?
DWS contributes to normal firewall list of IP ranges and addresses on which Windows 10 sends your telemetry, and other personal data, and it is better not to send anyone, even Microsoft!
Thus DWS is blocking the sending of the data. This further secure your personal data and personal information.
If a third-party firewall can work together with the staff and did not disable it, you can put a third-party firewall.

And besides something else LTSB like?

All games run on it?
For the game to work properly in any operating system need to install additional software, and the latest drivers.
1) Microsoft Visual C ++
2) DirectX
3) The correct and latest drivers on your hardware.

The next version (build) Windows 10, you can do the same thing?
Disabling telemetry and espionage (bat) file is made specifically for Windows 10 LTSB edition.
Auto Setup "Group Policy" only works on Windows 10 LTSB. (You can customize them by the screenshots in the first comment on any version except for HOME, the home 10ke not possible to configure Group Policies).
DWS can be used on any version of Windows 10.

IIS is there?
There is.

Can you explain what runs on startup udalenke PsExec "Disable tracking and nastroyka.bat"?
With this utility, "the PsExec.exe" during the execution of the script "Disable tracking and nastroyka.bat" disabled services and components that can not be properly shut down with a simple command from the bat file file.

It hosts the rules?
No hosts are not governed, in the hosts file changes are made manually after installation using assembly DWS utility.

After the contents of the assembly installation points "Instruction (done after the installation of assembly)," and "Advanced Settings (done after the installation of assembly)," will be present in any folder?
Instruction will be in the folder and Off Spy GroupPolicy.

What is the size of the file installs .wim?
The WIM file assembly repacked in ESD its size about 2,5 GB.

Photos open windows built-in tools, and there is now no such chips?
Through DWS is necessary to include a standard photo viewer.

Put the assembly with a WIM file?
No. (In the assembly WIM file pinched in the ESD)

Tell me, and installation time she is the same as in the original system, or faster?
Installation time is totally dependent on your hardware.
Set around the same time as the original version.

A OneDrive established? I thought he still needed.
Doing this, I do not recommend, but you can try.
1. Open the Group Policy Editor: Win + R and type gpedit.msc
2. Navigate to Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - the Windows Components - OneDrive
3. In the right part of the editor, open the option Prohibit use OneDrive file storage and set its status in the OFF position
4. Install OneDrive site

Prompt please, what it is necessary to make changes in Group Policy?
To speed up the system, turn off unnecessary data to Microsoft, the Windows optimize performance, save bandwidth, removing the extra load on the system, save your PC's resources, etc.

It does not search here from the start, and in Windows Explorer?
Search from Explorer (the one at the top right of the window) works.
If you put an alternative panel Start, Search, and it will work.

Why have removed Microsoft edge? Where can I download Microsoft edge?
Nobody is removed.
He is not and will not in the version of Windows 10 LTSB so decided to Microsoft and were not added in this edition.
Set it in this edition does not.

Manual Firewall (in services) do not need to turn off ?!
Staff always need a firewall if you have used DWS disabling through espionage and telemetry!
System requirements:
• 64-bit (x64) processor with a clock speed of 1 gigahertz (GHz) or higher;
• 2 GB of memory (RAM);
• 20 GB of hard disk space;
• DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver version 1.0 or higher.
• Screen resolution: 800x600 or higher.

File: Windows_10_Enterprise_LTSB_x64_by_vladios13_liveonloan_v.14.10.iso
CRC32: 4D39F4E1
MD5: 9165E60FE523D5D86C31CDB84CD8A747
SHA-1: 56D0D7C1C32EF270096345706357BDBC5A61AAD8

Information about the software:
Date of issue: October 14, 2015
Title: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB x64 by Vladios13 & Liveonloan v.14.10
Version: v.14.10
Developer / author builds: MicroSoft / Vladios13 & Liveonloan
Resolution: x64
Interface language: Multilingual
Medicine: The set (on the desktop)
Size: 3.08 GB

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB x64 by Vladios13 & Liveonloan v.14.10 (RUS / 2015)

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB x64 by Vladios13 & Liveonloan v.14.10 (RUS / 2015)

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB x64 by Vladios13 & Liveonloan v.14.10 (RUS / 2015)

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB x64 by Vladios13 & Liveonloan v.14.10 (RUS / 2015)

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB x64 by Vladios13 & Liveonloan v.14.10 (RUS / 2015)

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB x64 by Vladios13 & Liveonloan v.14.10 (RUS / 2015)

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB x64 by Vladios13 & Liveonloan v.14.10 (RUS / 2015)

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB x64 by Vladios13 & Liveonloan v.14.10 (RUS / 2015)

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB x64 by Vladios13 & Liveonloan v.14.10 (RUS / 2015)

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