Battery Mode v. (x86 / x64) / Portable /

Battery Mode v. (x86 / x64) / Portable /
Battery Mode - advanced power management and display of the battery. The power management modes allow You to choose what You need more at the moment - the performance or the duration of the battery life.

Convenient mode switching power supply:
• Turn on the mode "Save energy" - and your laptop can work up to two times longer!
• Lack of productivity? The system brakes? Not enough FPS in the games? Turn on the mode "High performance" to disable all power saving features and improve performance.
• Activate a mode of "Balanced" - and the system will control the power.

Nice backlight control:
• Now no need to hold a tricky key combination to adjust the backlight. Just open Battery Mode and adjust the backlight slider.
• Tired of jumping the backlight when the charger is connected or the change of diet? Enable the option "Fixed screen brightness" in the menu "Additional settings" - backlight will not change itself!

Hotkeys for advanced users:
• Power management modes can be switched by using hotkeys Alt+Pause.
• Use a helper program NextScheme to switch modes in your scripts or programs.
• Enter NextScheme*.the. exe? for help.

What's new:
- New Ukrainian localization from Yurii Petrashko.
- At the request of users added options for styles icons "Windows 8" and "Windows 10" with less bright colors.
- When the program starts, the scheduler will now activate triggers for events that occurred at a time when Battery Mode is not started.
- Optimization of work with lighting and correcting errors.

Operating system: Windows® Vista, 7, 8.x, 10 (32/64-bit)
Interface: English, Multilingual, Ukrainian
Medicine: Not required
Size: 8.2 Mb

Download "Battery Mode (x86/x64) Portable":
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