Windows 10 Pro-Home Insider Preview x86 / x64 10.0.10565 (RUS / 2015)

Windows 10 Pro-Home Insider Preview x86 / x64 10.0.10565 (RUS / 2015)
Before You original images from MicroSoft new version of Windows 10 10565! Immediately transition to the Windows 10 reflects the company's desire to distance itself from the not very popular previous version. About all innovations, fixes and changes in this build see below.

• In Microsoft called Windows 10 "most powerful platform in history."Presentation presenter, Microsoft’s vice president of operating systems, Terry Meyerson, said that Windows 10 will be installed on a wider range of devices of various types compared toprevious versions. The number of these devices, according to the presentation, now includes not only desktops, laptops and tablets, but also smartphones and televisions.
• As expected, Microsoft has taken the path of further unifying software platforms for its devices.“Windows 10 is suitable for any device - be it an Xbox, computer, phone, tablet or any other gadget. For all these devices, Microsoft creates a single development platform and a single application store, ”the company said.

• Microsoft noted that Windows 10 is also suitable for devices within the “Internet of Things” concept and for corporate data centers, regardless of screen size and in generalthe presence of the display, as well as the data entry method. This is a rather unusual decision, since the developers of other popular platforms - in particular, Apple and Google - follow a separate approach to the OS for different types of devices.

• Among the key changes is the return of the Start menu in the enhanced version, through which users can view lists of frequently used files and programs, and a new control buttontasks, which allows you to see all running applications and files and quickly switch between them. The search bar returned to the taskbar and the Start menu.

• Applications from the Windows Store now open in the same format as the usual desktop Windows programs — Microsoft calls this feature “universal windows”. The user can change the size of the windows, move them around the screen and manage their activity in one click.

• Microsoft has also improved the multitasking feature - now the Snap tool allows you to work with 4 applications at the same time and tells you how best to place them on the screen.The company justified the forecasts and added support for virtual desktops. The user can create virtual desktops for different purposes - for example, work, study, personal life - and switch between them.

• IT experts will be able to download a preliminary version of Windows 10 for testing from October 1, and later receive system updates as they are released and share their feedback with developers.Microsoft. However, the company's top manager Joe Belfiore, in a video about the technical version of Windows 10, emphasized that it was “raw” and was not intended for inexperienced users. The company intends to release the final version in 2015.

• Messages, calls and video Skype. Previously, the company promised to integrate universal app Skype, now called "Messages" and "Calls" in Windows 10, which is what happened. These apps will allow you to quickly and easily make calls, send messages to Skype users for free using Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G (as usual, will be charged for the use of traffic). On this build you can look at and evaluate new integrated capabilities that will also appear in the new build of Windows 10 Mobile. Be sure to test quick reply on a message in the "notification Center" without opening the application itself. While this is an early implementation of this feature, so you may encounter some problems when using.
• Preview tabs in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge now you can see a preview of open tabs to find out what is in it, without having to switch between them. For this you just need to move to the desired tab. The company wants to test this out and send your feedback.
• Synchronize Favorites and "reading List" in the Microsoft Edge. In this Assembly appeared initial implementation of synchronization in Microsoft Edge. It syncs favorites and "reading List". It can work not very stable, so test and write reviews.
• Improvements To Cortana. Cortana can now intellectually understand your notes and to set reminders based on place, time and number, which it recognizes in your note. Interesting feature, isn't it? Also there are some new interesting features for Cortana that will help you to monitor the activities, including the display information about the movie and reminders about events. Voice assistant will track your orders movies, and event tickets through your email. For two hours before you will receive useful information to make sure that you know how to get to places to be there on time. You can also order a taxi directly from Cortana.
• More beautiful titles. Thanks to the feedback, this Assembly has the opportunity to paint the window title in bright colors matching the rest of the color scheme. Adjust the color by going to "Settings" -> "Personalization" -> "Colors". The function only works if the "Show color on Start, Taskbar, Action Center, and Title bars" is enabled.
• Improved the context menu in the start menu. You definitely will notice some changes in the shortcut menu in the "Start" menu. Were added new icons in menu changes the size of the tiles.
• New icons. Insiders love the new icons! In this Assembly, introduced several new icons for devices (can see in device Manager). Ah, Yes. Registry editor, finally got a new icon!
• Improvements in the activation system. The company has received a lot of feedback about the activation system Windows 10, especially from those who took advantage of free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8.1. The activation scheme changed. If you install the current build, but it is not automatically activated, you can enter your license key from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. For this you need to go to Settings -> Update and security -> Activate and change the product key. If you do a clean install, during installation you can also enter your product key from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. Read more about this you can read in Insider Hub.
• Manage the printer by default. The company has introduced a new mode that will make the default printer the last printer used. You can control these in the Settings -> Devices -> Printers and scanners. The ability to install a default printer on the local network was removed.

The official list of fixes in the Assembly 10565 :
• A warning message in the update center no longer appears;
• Background playback of audio works again, so Groove Music it will be stable in the collapsed mode and play music;
• Fixed the issue where, when clicking on the system icon in the notification area, Windows Shell blocked the pop-up menu such as audio, network and so on;
• Many insiders complained about the too large context menu for users using a mouse. The company has made some changes to make them smaller for more convenient work with the mouse;
• You can now consolidate contacts from "People" in the "start"menu;
• Fixed problem with displaying some of the attached apps on the taskbar. Their icon was duplicated;
• The context menu on the desktop with the hidden icons re-runs;
• Windows should re-Store to automatically update apps.

The official list of errors in the Assembly 10565 :
• The search box does not work if you have a language that is not supported Cortana. Solution yet;
• The Xbox app for Windows 10 will consume 1 GB of memory, if you have Win32 games, application-defined or added by you to the Xbox app. Closing the app will clear Xbox memory;
• WebM and VP9 temporarily removed from the system. The company will continue to work on VP9, so you can expect his return in the near future;
• Small devices such as Dell Venue 8 Pro, may experience problems when you upgrade: blue screen and rollback to the previous build in case of.

What's new:
• Start The context menus have been updated to display icons and contain the app's jumplist

• Jumplists have a new design
• Some context menus have been changed
• Some icons have been replaced (including the Register Editor)
• Titlebar colors are now the same color as you accent color instead of a faded variation of it
• WinRT apps will no longer show a colored icon on the taskbar if available

• Cortana can now understand your inked notes
• Cortana can now track you movies and ticketed events
• You're default printer is now the last printer you've used

Lock screen
• Windows Spotlight can now be set as the lock screen for Enterprise and Education users

Microsoft Edge
• Edge has been updated from version 21.10547 to 23.10565
• Edge now shows previews of tabs
• You can now sync your favorites and reading list
• Middle-clicking the Edge icon will now launch a new window
• The F12 tools can now be docked into the window
• Setting The search engine now has its own pane
• The note feature has a new icon

• The settings app splash screen now uses the accent color of the user
• The About page now shows the Windows 10 logo in the user's accent color
• Installing apps to another drive has been enabled again
• You can now change where Windows has to store offline maps
• Changing the scalling settings will now go in effect when changed, without clicking "Apply"
• You can now locate your device with GPS and Location tracking in "Find my device"
• The Windows Insider Ring now has to be set with a slider instead of a dropdown
• The Activation screen no longer shows a product ID and key but the status if you've been digitally entitled

Windows Apps
• Skype Video has been added as a default app
• Messaging has been added as a default app
• Phone has been added as a default app
• Sway has been added as a default app

And further
• You can now acitvate Windows 10 with a Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 key
• Windows will now claim to be version 1511, which probably stands for November 2015
• The copyright has been changed to 2016

• Single Windows for all devices. Windows 10 will be installed on a wider range of devices than previous versions of OC. These devices include not only personal computers, laptops, tablets, but also smartphones, televisions, various boards and industrial devices used for scripting Internet of Things. New OC will also be a single platform for application development and a single channel application delivery through the Store.
• Improved user interface. The interface of the operating system, on the one hand, remained familiar, on the other hand, has acquired several new useful features.
The "Start" Menu. It opens when you click on the logo in the lower left corner of the desktop. In the left column of the menu contains shortcuts to the last running applications, in the right — tile universal applications. The menu also contains buttons for power management and updated search function to search not only locally, but also on the Internet.
• Universal Windows apps. Now and classical applications for the desktop and the new universal applications run in its own window on the desktop.
• Improved Snap function. To run multiple apps at once is easier and more convenient. Now Snap feature allows you to access up to 4 apps on the screen simultaneously, and Windows tells what other applications are running and how they can be placed. Windows 10 will help to effectively use the Unallocated space of the screen for other applications.
• Multiple desktops. The user can create multiple desktops and place them on the application Windows. You can display all created tables on the screen and switch between them.
• Multi-tasking. On the taskbar, a new button Task View. When you click on it, appear on the screen in a reduced window view all running applications.
• Special attention to corporate users and data. When you create a Windows 10, special attention was paid to corporate users. The new OS will be compatible with all traditional management systems that use the organization. Operating system contains new features for the separation of work and personal data on devices of all types, allowing to embody the concept of BYOD in organizations.

• Windows 10 Pro - VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T
• Windows 10 Home - YTMG3-N6DKC-DKB77-7M9GH-8HVX7
System requirements:
• Processor 1 GHz (or faster) with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2;
• 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit) RAM;
• 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit) free hard disk space;
• Graphics card with DirectX 9.

File: Windows10_InsiderPreview_x86_RU-RU_10565.iso
CRC-32: B74252D2
MD4: AF9210BC948B8A7EA703B44522B09EF4
MD5: CA1F6D0AFCF565DD21F0722A845A2A48
SHA-1: D078EE0EC7273029B0C09934E486ED435F4EA52C

File: Windows10_InsiderPreview_x64_RU-RU_10565.iso
CRC-32: 3A28B7FE
MD4: 953C83889624B6BD70B6B268096D58A1
MD5: 02BA007151E9622FF86BCC3178E383FD
SHA-1: 09082921FB10C892AD4B49C46FF4CF8A32087EE8

Information about the software:
Date of issue: October 15, 2015
Title: Windows 10 Pro-Home Insider Preview x86/x64 10.0.10565
Version: build 10.0.10565
Developer: MicroSoft
Resolution: x86 / x64
Interface language: Multilingual
Medicine: None (Use activators)
Size: 2.71 GB / 3.65 GB

Windows 10 Pro-Home Insider Preview x86 / x64 10.0.10565 (RUS / 2015)

Windows 10 Pro-Home Insider Preview x86 / x64 10.0.10565 (RUS / 2015)

Windows 10 Pro-Home Insider Preview x86 / x64 10.0.10565 (RUS / 2015)

Windows 10 Pro-Home Insider Preview x86 / x64 10.0.10565 (RUS / 2015)

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