WPS Office 2015 Premium

WPS Office 2015 Premium
WPS Office It is one of the world's most popular cross-platform office solutions. It uses more than 500 million registered users worldwide.WPS Office works under Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS and allows users to view, create and send Office documents, which are fully compatible with dozens of document formats, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

• Fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel
Support • DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, etc.
• Easily switch between open documents using the Tabs priority function
• Quickly share documents via e-mail
• Keep your work safe with autosave
• Keep your documents are protected by encrypting the document
• Do not program a large amount of
• Additional language packs, spell checker available
• Support * .docx, * .xlsx;
• Export to PDF-File;
• Coding before saving;
• Prepare to print multiple new documents;
• Support for OLE Automation

Writer 2015
• Writer 2015 tool to create professional-looking documents. It can open Microsoft Word files or save your documents in Word files. It allows you to open, view and edit documents in different file formats, as well as the latest Word files (. DOCX).
Familiar style, layout, and functionality such as in Microsoft of Office, which means that you can easily move the Microsoft Office environment between Writer and Kingsoft Writer.In addition, WPS Office 2014 provides powerful features such as built-in PDF conversion, Document Tab Switching, choice of various print, cross-references, and an integrated Google Toolbar Search, which is not available with Microsoft Office.

Presentation 2015
• Presentation 2015 helps you create multimedia presentations using creative approach to meet customer needs. It can open, edit and save as *.PPT, PPS *, * files (template) and support *. PPTX file (Microsoft Office 2007).It is fully interoperable, allowing you to save presentations saved in Power Point format and PDF-format effortlessly. Kingsoft Presentation offers a unique function in the dual-screen environment.

Spreadsheet 2015
• Spreadsheet 2015 can open edit and save *. XLS, *. hee (templates) *. DBF, *. txt, *. CSV, and is compatible with *. XLSX files (Microsoft Office 2007).This gives you more efficiency and flexibility to accomplish your goals.It contains a variety of functions and array formulas that helps you manage, analyze and calculate data easier and faster. It provides eight types of encryption RC4, which is very difficult to decipher. Thus, it is possible to protect the document against copying your changes.

Changes in the WPS Office 10 (Version No. 9.1.0)
- Add Various quality free templates, PPT templates, Writer templates and Spreadsheets templates.
- Support switch between French and English and spell check for multiful
- Support spell check for Spanish, Portuguese and French.
- Support go back to the last edited place in the text
- Support Insert key and right-click the status bar to setup the Insert feature go-to features added, including go to footnote and more
- Support split window vertically and horizontally
PrintDate, DocProperty and IncludePicture fields added
- Object feature optimized: support set wrapping styles when insert / paste pictures, solve the problem of object name changed.
- More formulas added: such as GetPivotData, GET.CELL, NUMBERSTRING and so on.
- Advanced collaboration features including track changes, spell check and comments
- Numerous page layout tools
- And more

WPS Office 2015 Premium

Graduation Year: 2015
Operating system : Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
Interface language : Multilanguage / Multilingual
Medicine : there is
Size 66 Mb

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