Виндовс Репаир (све у једном) в.3.6.0 + Портабле

Виндовс Репаир (све у једном) в.3.6.0 + Портабле
Windows Repair - алат за све-у-једном за поправку система, дизајниран за опоравак различитих параметара Виндовс њихове подразумеване вредности. Помаже да се поправи већину познатих проблема, укључујући и грешке регистратора и права приступа датотекама, као и проблеми са Internet Explorer, Windows Update, Виндовс заштитни Зид, и још много тога.

Пре лансирања Виндовс Репаир ће се тражити да испуни 4 једноставна корака упозорења грешке у раду система: провера на вирусе, скенирање вашег хард диска, провера на оштећене датотеке система и стварање тачке опоравка. Затим можете да изаберете једну од три режима Basic, Advanced и Цустом, од којих сваки нуди различите опције за поправку система.

Неке функције Windows Repair:
• Исправка грешке регистра.
• Исправка права приступа датотекама.
• Поправка ВМИ.
• Поправка Windows Firewall.
• Поправка Интернет Екплорер.
• Поправка MDAC и МС Јет.
• Поправка Hosts датотека.
• Уклањање инсталираних вирусима ограничења.
• Поправка икона.
• Поправка Винсоцк и ДНС Кеш.
• Брисање привремених датотека.
• Фик подешавања Проки.
• Исправка Windows Updates.
• и још много тога.

Windows Repair - is an all-in-one repair tool to help fix a large majority of known Виндовс problems including registry errors and file permissions as well as issues with Internet Explorer, Windows Update, Виндовс Firewall and more. Malware and installed programs can modify your default settings. With Windows Repair you can restore Виндовс original settings.

This is a huge упдате.

New Про feature has been added. "Manage Windows Users and Groups".
This is very similar to the users and groups тоол only available in Windows pro or higher and that is missing from Windows Home versions. This gives you much more control over the users and groups they belong to then the very cut down version in the control panel, also makes it far easier to add local accounts to Windows 8 and 10 systems.
However more has been done to improve on that. Aside from finally being able to select multiple users or groups at once, but there is also a bulk админ тоол allowing you to set certain settings on any number of users. This tool does work on домаинс and servers and even on Windows home versions from КСП all the way to 10.

The main репаирс window has been changed. The size of the window can not be over 800x600 so that it will fit on screen in Windows safe mode. This is why window that had no free space to add or change anything on it. Also wanted to increase the size of the font of the log window and make it bigger and easier to read.
The answer was to move the репаирс onto a tab of its own and use tabs to help create more space on the window.
The new layout was done to be less cluttered, easier for users to read and follow, all while still having all the same information as before.

Now, only in the free version, when you close the main репаирс window, a small screen will come up to say thanks for using the program and to consider buying про. The screen гоес away automatically after 30 sec if the user доесн т close it, and of course you can close it any time you want without waiting. The screen doesn't block anything and never ever comes up when other than the main репаирс are closed. The goal is to let users know they can help support the program, and it tries to do that in a respectful, non intrusive or анноиинг way.

Huge amount of code clean up, changes and improvements, all while adding a ton more code in its place. Windows Repair hit the 50,000+ lines of code mark on this update (This doesn't count the code in the custom контрола)

Nearly all the program контроле (Buttons, text boxes, lists and so on) have been updated and improved.

Progress bars and the system on the monitors Репаирс window have been updated to be able to allow users to control their colors as well.

New color options added to the color settings window.

Побољшана the looks of the progress bars and monitors.

A Windows Repair Loading Status window is now shown after the program does the pre startup check of the files. This status window is to let users know that the main program window is loading and how far along it is. On some systems it could take the main windows from anywhere 4 to 10 sec to open, depending on the system. This is because it is doing a lot at its startup, such as pulling system info, loading files and so on. Now users will see a startup progress and wont get збуњени and wonder if the program didn't опен.

Increased the font size and changed the font type in the Pre-Scan log window.

Changed the formatting and layout of the Pre-Scan log Window to both look better and be easier to read.

Repair Reparse Points тоол now shows a very detailed log when you have it do any репаирс, if any are needed. Not only does this new log record any errors but it also logs everything it is doing, that way we can better help users who are unable to get a fixed point.

ManageACL has been updated to в1.1.0. Побољшана the speed of setting permissions even more. Also changed the progress text in the cmd window to be more static and not moving all over, making it far easier to read. Multiple code changes and error handling. Code cleanup and changes to make the program and smaller faster.

Оперативни систем: Виндовс КСП, 2003, Vista, 2008, 2012, 7, 8.к, 10 (32/64-бит)
Интерфејс: Енглески
Лек: Није потребна
Величина: 18.3/17.5 Мб

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