Optimization of Wise Care 365 3.75

Optimization of Wise Care 365 3.75

Wise Care 365 - a program to improve performance, optimize and clean the system. It contains a number of modules providing a comprehensive service computer. Before applying the changes to the program can create a restore point, as well as a complete copy of the registry.

The utility combines multiple functions:cleaning and defragmenting the hard drive, scanning the registry for unwanted or damaged keys, registry defragmentation, data recovery, hide folders and files.In addition, it protects your personal information by removing private data from the browser: visited pages, downloaded files, etc.

The program Wise Care 365 is also able to purify memory from unnecessary processes, speed up your computer and make room to run other applications. Especially noticeable benefit of this function during the game on the computer.

Even novice users should download the free Wise Care 365, because the program has a button for quick optimization of the system, which can be enjoyed without having any knowledge.
Version: 3.75
Localized language: No
Developer: WiseCleaner
Operating system: Windows 7 / XP / Vista
Size: 8,2 Mb
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