The program for cleaning the registry Vit Registry Fix 12.6.5

The program for cleaning the registry Vit Registry Fix 12.6.5

Vit Registry Fix - a program that can be downloaded for free, it is a powerful set of tools to detect a variety of errors and perform cleaning the registry of irrelevant data and the above errors.

After uninstalling (removing) the program or the game in the registry entries still remain associated with the game or the program that is no longer on your PC.Each record is such degrades system performance. When such unnecessary entries become many, braking system and delays before downloading becomes visible and tangible to the user.Vit Registry Fix removes these unnecessary files, registry entries, thereby restoring the speed of the system.

This program alone brings these errors and removes them.As a precautionary measure (in case of wrongly received the desired file for a file error) before removing the program offers to create a backup of the entire structure and all of the registry files, as wellpossible to create a special exception list of scanning the registry and its subsequent purification.

The package includes Vit Registry Fix has 4 utilities (to optimize the files that make up the system registry, to clean disks manager under "Startup" and uninstaller utility-). If you are interested in this program, you can download Vit Registry Fix.
Version: 12.6.5
Localized language: Yes
Developer: VITSOFT
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista
Size: 2,3 Mb
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