Overclocking and tuning motherboards Gigabyte EasyTune B13.0323.1

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Overclocking and tuning motherboards Gigabyte EasyTune B13.0323.1

Gigabyte EasyTune - proprietary tool from the company Gigabyte, designed for overclocking motherboards. Extremely important is the ability to view current performance of various sensors to assess the impact of acceleration.

Real-time monitoring includes information from temperature sensors, voltage sensors, as well as data about the speed of the fans.This concerns not only the motherboard, and other components of a computer, such as processor, memory, graphics card, etc.It is possible to set the values ​​for each threshold. If they abuse the program will notify the user. The utility also displays detailed information about the components: model, performance and the like.

Of course, one is not limited to monitoring. The utility allows you to change the frequency of AGP, DRAM and PCI, the multiplier system bus, etc.Any changes you can always roll back, exposing the default settings. This suggests that the free download Gigabyte EasyTune just need to each owner the corresponding system board that is going to do overclocking.
Version: B13.0323.1
Localized language: No
Developer: Gigabyte
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 52,5 Mb
Free Gigabyte EasyTune B13.0323.1