NVIDIA System Tools 6.05

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NVIDIA System Tools 6.05

NVIDIA System Tools - a set of tools to manage devices in the computer that support the technology ESA, for graphics cards and motherboards based on the technologies of NVIDIA. Previously, the program was called nTune.

Utilities make it possible to fine-tune the computer hardware right out of Windows. To change the voltage and other parameters no longer have to enter the BIOS.Enough download free NVIDIA System Tools, to easily configure any computer components, including memory, processor, video card, chipset, voltages and fan speeds. To do this, just to the equipment itself supports it.

An interesting feature is the automatic selection of the optimum parameters.It is perfect for inexperienced users and those who do not want to waste your time on fine-tuning, but wants to increase the speed and stability of the system. In addition, the program supports profiles, switch between them easily when needed.

This set of tools is also very useful for detailed information about the installed hardware. Voltage, frequency, temperature - nothing goes watchful eye on this program.
Version: 6.05
Localized language: Yes
Developer: NVIDIA
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista
Size: 91 Mb
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