Cleaning Systems Baku 4.3.4369

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Cleaning Systems Baku 4.3.4369

Baku - multifunctional tool to clean your computer of unnecessary files, and more. The list of functions is pretty standard for this kind of program. Before editing the registry, the program always creates a backup copy. This helps to avoid possible trouble.

Baku utility scans the registry for invalid entries, keys left over from the already remote programs and much more.The program provides a deep and effective verification without touching the important records that can not be removed. In addition, it can automatically remove empty folder on the hard drive, as well as temporary files, system logs, references to nonexistent files, list of recently launched files.

To remove the effects of web surfing tool, too perfect. It removes all temporary files browser's cache, cookies, personal information, links to pages visited, etc.A very useful function is to permanently delete data using standard DOD 5220.22-M, which is used by the Ministry of Defense. To get this power, you need only download free Baku.
Version: 4.3.4369
Localized language: Yes
Developer: pmcchp
Operating system: Windows 7 / XP / Vista
Size: 1,1 Mb
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