Measurement speed Internet SpeedTest 1.4

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Measurement speed Internet SpeedTest 1.4

SpeedTest - a program for measuring the speed of your Internet connection.If you suspect that your ISP unfairly limits the speed of the connection, use this program and check all empirically. It is not necessary each time to search for sites for testing speed, once is enough free download SpeedTest.

The utility is able to measure the speed of the connection to any servers that the user specifies.This will help determine the quality of connection in different areas, as well as to identify, whether the provider is guilty in failures with the speed or the problem lies in the malfunction of specific servers. Best results are displayed in graphs helps to adequately assess the difference in speed.

The utility does not have a Russian-language interface, but it is so simple that even the English version is easy to understand.
Version: 14
Localized language: No
Developer: RaccoonWorks
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 2,3 Mb
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