Video Information AviInfo 3.5.2

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Video Information AviInfo 3.5.2

AviInfo - very simple program with only one function - display information about the video. At least one function, but it serves as a tool! Detailed information about all the nuances becomes available in seconds, is a free download AviInfo.

After installing the program in the context menu AviInfo file appears appropriate item by clicking on which you will file information. In addition, you can manually start the program and in the window to select the desired video, the result of these actions will be the same.

You will receive information about the audio bit rate, video resolution, or without subtitles, number of frames per second, the number of audio channels, codec used, and about much, much more.The program has a function of displaying information in text form, so it can be copied, for example, be placed on the torrent tracker, if you want to distribute the film.Information about the codec is especially useful if the video does not start. So you can understand which codec in the system is damaged or missing and will be able to correct the situation.

AviInfo program is very simple and clear, for it has a crack. Suitable for users of all levels of computer skills.
Version: 3.5.2
Localized language: Yes
Developer: StarSoft
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 1,8 Mb
Free AviInfo 3.5.2