A set of libraries Speech API 5.1

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A set of libraries Speech API 5.1

Speech API - is a set of libraries that allows the program to work with speech synthesis. It is necessary for the majority of programs for reading e-books that support the reading voice.In addition, if the download Speech API, you can use the program for voice control of a computer. Roughly speaking, these libraries are responsible for both speech recognition and for its synthesis.

Speech recognition occurs in several stages. First, the computer captures the sound from the microphone and digitizes it. Then, the sound is converted into phonemes, the construction of these words and the subsequent analysis of the context words. If the word does not fit into the context, it is replaced by a similar-sounding.

Speech synthesis process takes place in reverse order. Word is divided into phonemes separately processed numbers and punctuation, then the sound is generated and reproduced. Speech synthesis is very often used to read books, not to spoil the sight, as well as people who already have problems with vision.

For all of these steps responds alone set of libraries Speech API, which is used by external programs to speech recognition and synthesis. If you need these features, without these libraries you can not do.
Version: 5.1
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 0,6 Mb
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