Emulator discs MagicDisc Virtual DVD / CD-ROM 2.7.106

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Emulator discs MagicDisc Virtual DVD / CD-ROM 2.7.106

MagicDisc Virtual DVD / CD-ROM - a program to emulate optical drives and work with disk images. It is able to emulate up to 15 drives at a time. It supports a huge number of different image formats.

What is important for creating images do not need any additional tools, just download the free MagicDisc Virtual DVD / CD-ROM, to get this opportunity.Now there is no need to once again drive DVD-drive and disc wear, enough to create an image from it and mount it in a virtual drive. This will increase the speed of reading the data many times over, and you do not have to listen to annoying sound spins the disk.

Without this program can not do, if you have the drive initially in the form of an image.With the virtual drive is especially convenient to install games and programs, and images mounted mini-games supersede No-DVD, without taking up much space. In addition, the program can compress the images are not worse, and sometimes even better than archives.

Utility MagicDisc Virtual DVD / CD-ROM interface is simple, the lack of extra bells and whistles and support for the most common formats. Russian interface and support for 64-bit systems are available.
Version: 2.7.106
Localized language: No
Developer: MagicISO Inc
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 1,3 Mb
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