Setting video RivaTuner 2.24c

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Setting video RivaTuner 2.24c

RivaTuner - overclocker program by Alexey Nikolaichuk aka Unwinder. It was established in overclocking video cards from NVIDIA and AMD.

The main functions of RivaTuner are as fine-tuning the core frequency, memory, and other parameters of the hardware graphics card.Acceleration is performed by setting as a driver, and iron. The program also allows you to adjust the fan speed in the cooling system, which helps users are annoying noise of the cooler.

RivaTuner is a convenient means of monitoring the video card. The program shows everything: the graphics card temperature sensors, current frequency, voltage, fan speed, the number of frames per second, CPU utilization, the use of video.

RivaTuner utility supports profiles that allows you to instantly adjust the settings for the desired operating mode.For example, to what video card overclock and cooling system, when the user is engaged in surfing the Internet or working in the office programs. But, before turning any game you can just change the profile and enjoy high performance.

The developer of this famous program does not require a penny for it, so download RivaTuner is no problem. Support for the program ceased in 2009.
Version: 2.24c
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Alexey Nicolaychuk
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 2,6 Mb
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