A program to edit the registry RegWorks 1.3.3

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A program to edit the registry RegWorks 1.3.3

Program RegWorks a registry editor, a guide to its parameters and monitor the registry itself.

Registry Editor replaces not only the standard programs designed to work with the registry, but also opens up a lot of extra features, among which are the following:work with inactive roster, comparison sections, change history, restoration and preservation of the registry background search multithreaded, standard features regedit, export a list of options.

The aim of the registry is to track monitor treatment of other programs to the registry itself.A properly functioning filtration system makes it possible to determine the detailed events that are subject to logging, as well as the ability to customize the rules of columns and rows backlight magazine. The results obtained in the observation of the register can be saved as text or xml-file.

Among other things, the directory includes more than seven hundred registry settings. As an added bonus, the program guide has a function change parameter values.

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Version: 1.3.3
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Eugene Rags
Operating system: Windows XP
Size: 1,0 Mb
Free RegWorks 1.3.3