Right Click Enhancer Professional + Portable

Right Click Enhancer Professional + Portable
Right Click Enhancer - Allows you to customize the functionality of your daily needs menu, a pop-up by pressing the right mouse button.The program allows you to create a cascading menu, you add it to the required chips, and then when you click anywhere on the desktop, right-click, will fall this menu, selectan option and forward. If we consider the interface, then it is quite easy to use, has Russian support. After running in front of you is a window with buttons, each button allows you to perform certain operations.

For example there is a "manager of my computer", you can send messages, edit the program to customize the right mouse button to create a new menu, etc ..Again, Right Click Enhancer does not require you money, but really did not set against any additions to the system during installation will come out a new window in which it will be necessary to press cancel.

- Copy To Folder and Move To Folder: When you choose one of the options menu, you browse the hard drive space to copy or move the file to that folder. You do not have to go to a place where you want to insert the file.
- Create or print a list of files: allows you to print or create a list of files in a folder, it is enough to right click on the folder and select one of the options.
- Encryption and decryption: Allows you to encrypt and decrypt files and folders. Files encrypted can not be removed by another user on a PC.
- Open in Notepad: Allows the user to open any file in Notepad, simply by right-clicking on it.
- Open the file located at: Allows the user to open the file location by right-clicking on the shortcut menu.
- An administrator command prompt: Allows the user to open a command prompt with elevated privileges, the highest of any folder, right-click.
- God Mode, and configure the system (Vista or 7): to add additional devices to open the System Configuration Utility (MSCONFIG) and the famous events of God right click menu of the user.

Changes in the Right Click Enhancer
+ Added Bahasa Indonesia translation.
! Fixed bug in Comapre File Hash tweak. Now all the hash value comparisons will be case insensitive.

OC : Windows® 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7
Language : English Russian
Graduation Year: 2015
Medicine : Key
Size : 11,00 Mb

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