Switch keyboard Punto Switcher

Switch keyboard Punto Switcher

Do you often forget to switch from one language to another. And you can see on the screen such as abracadabra "Plhfdcndeqnt" instead of "Hello". Free software Punto Switcher (Punto Switcher) will help you. It will automatically switch the layout from English to Russian.

To perform the language change during the erroneous input, Punto Switcher monitors by pressing the keyboard and determines the impossibility of certain combinations of letters, after that happens switchlanguage. If you need such a program, you can download the free Punto Switcher on our site, this version is compatible with Windows 7 and XP.

Written above the function is not the only one below the other features present Punto Switcher:
1. Replacing the upper case to lower case and vice versa, if you accidentally pressed CapsLock.
2. beeping sound when a typo.
3. Changeover switch layouts.
4. Setting ulovnyh cuts. You wrote "CAP", and the program is launched it in "until all"
5. The ability to edit text already written in accordance with the basic functions of the program.
6. Set up some keys on the conventional search in Wikipedia or in different search engines.
7. Configure some conventional keys for opening and closing frequently used programs.
8. Write the required text in a special blog Punto Diary.

Punto Switcher program is free and can be downloaded on our website.
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Punto.ru
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 2,0 Mb
Download Punto Switcher

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