EReader ICE Book Reader 9.4.2

EReader ICE Book Reader 9.4.2

ICE Book Reader - it's a terrific program for reading electronic Media. It is a high-quality alternative to all its competitors, and can successfully find its niche in the market.It is able to accept files with the extension .LIT, .CHM and .ePub. ICE Book Reader excellent substitute for the converter. Also, ICE Book Reader allows you to transfer data from TXT to HTML, from HTML to TXT, from TXT to DOC, from DOC to TXT, from PDB to TXT, from LIT to TXT, FB2 out in TXT, etc.

ICE Book Reader offers the option through which you can store 250 thousand. Books, which can be sorted by topic.It will create an eye pleasing, easy to use interface, through which, in front of you will no longer be a problem a long and tiring search for books in your digital library. The program is able to create electronic library itself, is enough to make it in a particular edition.

Each book is in the program in a separate file. They can carry out any operations: rename, delete, copy. It will not disturb the harmony of the library.The database is arranged in such a way that it does not damage pameshaet information is stored. Therefore, this program is much better their competitors.

The program ICE Book Reader has other advantages. It allows you to read a book with minimal risk to the eye. To this end it contains a special interface.Over time, you will see all its advantages. We hope that you will like this software, you only need to download ICE Book Reader on the computer and test all the advantages of the program for yourself.
Version: 9.4.2
Localized language: Yes
Developer: ICE Graphics
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 3,3 Mb
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