PDF file reader Foxit Reader

PDF file reader Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader (Reader Fox) - a free program for viewing files in PDF.

The main competitors for Foxit Reader considered Adobe Reader. Fox Ryder has some advantages over them, smaller memory footprint on disk and faster performance.If you want to get acquainted with this program you can download free Foxit Reader. Good it is for all major operating systems.

A distinctive feature of the program Fox Reeder considered the possibility of its run without installation and low system requirements to it.At the same time it laid the extremely high speed of downloading files, the ability to add their comments over the main document and miltiyazykovoy interface.At a high level, and is the security of the program. She never, without your permission, will not be released Iernet network and does not contain within itself any spayware no adware, so be sure this program will not harm your computer, but only one to deliver the pleasure of use.

Perhaps after reading you will have the desire to download free Foxit Reader and install it. To have the opportunity to display interface Russian version, use Russifikator for Fox Reeder.
Localized language: There crack
Developer: Foxit Software
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 28,4 Mb
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