Etxt Antiplagiat 2.0.37

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Etxt Antiplagiat 2.0.37

Etxt Antiplagiat - program to check the text for uniqueness. It specifies the percentage of the uniqueness of the text, according to the search engines.This application is required to fill in the site text content. Its work algorithm is markedly different from peers, because it shows a figure close to reality, and competitors often overestimate the uniqueness.

If you download free Etxt Antiplagiat, you can easily determine the quality of the texts.The program will allocate the color of the non-unique chunks of text and shows the sites where matches were found.These sites can be opened in the embedded browser, and the matching fragments will again be highlighted. The application has a flexible configuration and verification several modes.

With Etxt Antiplagiat have the opportunity to check the uniqueness of entire sites and perform batch testing, only need to specify the folder containing the files to be scanned.

The program has a simple interface style site Etxt, Exchange copywriting, which created it. The problem is the need for all Antiplagiat input captures, and Etxt Antiplagiat can optionally connect service, which itself introduces captcha. Unfortunately, this service is paid.
Version: 2.0.37
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Ltd. "Inet-Trade"
Operating system: Windows 7/8 / XP / Vista
Size: 1,4 Mb
Free Etxt Antiplagiat 2.0.37