Scanning documents ScanLite 1.1

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Scanning documents ScanLite 1.1

ScanLite - program to obtain images from a scanner. It lets you customize some scanning settings, such as color, but provides fewer options than counterparts. It is made specifically to the scan did not cause the user difficulties.

The scanned image is saved by default in PDF, but you can save it in JPG. Other formats are not supported.Which is very convenient, the program remembers the current setting and the next time you start to work with the same parameters. The utility allows you to choose not only the color of the image, but the quality of the scan, which can be very useful if the file size does matter.

Enjoy the highlight of the program is its nice interface, and support for skins, of which there is in the arsenal of as many as 25 pieces. Agree, it is difficult to get lost in the annex, which has a big button "Scan the document (s)", which begins after you scan.

The program works fine with both documents, as well as with photos, drawings and other images. It is particularly convenient that the scanned document directly on Ready for sending e-mail. For all this happiness only need to download free ScanLite.
Version: Eleven
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Vinsoft
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 2,5 Mb
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