Switch Keyboard Key Switcher 2.1

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Switch Keyboard Key Switcher 2.1

Key Switcher - program to automatically switch the keyboard layout and fix the text typed in the wrong layout.In fact, it is an analogue of Punto Switcher, it practically does not concede. In addition to automatically correct errors and other typing. With automatic switching layout changes accordingly icon in the system tray.

Enough free download Key Switcher, and it will correct common misspellings itself. If the user made a mistake with the register, it will also be fixed.Corrected and double caps at the beginning of the word. What is remarkable, simply by pressing the Backspace key you can undo the changes made by the program. The program remembers what actions the user canceled, and thus learning.

When the correction is taken into account the type of text, and according to different approaches. In addition, it is possible to assign additional keys to change the language.

Key Switcher Program supports multilingual input, absolutely not demanding on system resources, has a very small size and intuitive menu options. To some extent it is even better than the popular Punto Switcher.
Version: 2.1
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Mikhail Morozov
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 3,1 Mb
Free Key Switcher 2.1