Reader FBReader 0.12.10

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Reader FBReader 0.12.10

FBReader - a program that will allow you to read books directly from your computer.

On the Internet you can find many different books, however, the program FBReader will be a true friend to many users who love to spend time with benefits for the mind.This program is not only to read documents in a format .fb2, it is able to open and formats such as ePub, PalmDoc, zTXT, TCR, TXT.

FBReader will help you create your own library of books. Books can be split over a large number of features that allow you to not get lost in the search for the required literature, easily and quickly find the desired file.It has the function to find information on the Internet, connect to Internet shopping, for example

FBReader program automatically tells you about the language in which it is written or that the product itself straightens transfers, table of contents.To save your vision, it provides the function of viewing books in full screen mode. You can customize the fonts, add text, or the height of the desired size. The program is written in 16 languages, including Russian, Ukrainian, and even Lithuania.

FBReader will love that lovers read on the Internet.Its interface and features are good enough to make it a permanent help for you while reading this or that information. If you like to read a book or want to open a file fb2, then download for free without registration FBReader now and start reading.
Version: 0.12.10
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Geometer Plus
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 5,1 Mb
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