EReader DjVu Reader 2.0.26

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EReader DjVu Reader 2.0.26

All lovers of reading electronic newspapers and magazines should definitely pay attention to private DjVU format and the program to view DjVU Reader. This simple freeware program size of only 5.6 megabytes, has maximum stability and speed of work.

DjVu Reader has a very simple menu, which even a novice can easily understand, it will simply irreplaceable program. To evaluate all the possibilities you have to download a free DjVU Reader.

Of the additional nice features, you should note the zoom function of the document that allows people with limited vision comfortable to use the program. And the function of adjusting the brightness and contrast of documents necessary for the poor quality.

DjVU Reader lets you open two or more documents in the same window system. Switching between pages is done by arrows.If you want to copy the text, you should use the tool "select" and then amass the button that says "text". For ease of reading literature is a function simulation display books.
Version: 2.0.26
Localized language: Yes
Developer: Dmitriy Gar'kaev
Operating system: Windows All
Size: 5,6 Mb
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